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When you decide to go international and apply for a study abroad, you will take on a lot of new challenges. A new country, new habits, new cultures and exciting new opportunities await you. But you also need to prepare to meet (academic) expectations and challenges, living away from all things and people you love and cherish and most of all you have to get used to take decisive action on many things that come your way.

It is a test for sure. And tests come with difficulties an challenges which can cause you to loose hope, feel anxious or stressed out. As a muslimah, there is an added challenge of having to deal with all kinds of new expereinces that can shake your grounds, while you study and become a young adult.

When you feel you can use a helping hand, please know that as a sister and professional coach, I can support you so you are able to be more successful Inshaa Allah. Academically, socially and personally.

As a (converted) Muslimah, you will a sister in Islam and an seasoned expert when it comes to woman’s life issues. Islamic coaching as I see it, means that I will give you lots of space to be who you are. As a woman, as a human being and as a Muslimah. You don’t have to pretend or hide things. In a confidential setting you can discuss all your (Islamic) questions, doubts and uncertainties.

If you and I decide that I can be of added value to you, we can start your tailor-made coaching sessions after the intake. In my experience 1 to 5 sessions max. should be sufficient tot send you on you way to success Inshaa Allah.

Tailor-made Coaching means support and inspiration that suits who you are, what you want and what you can do. Often we are capable of moving mountains, yet we are stuck in how we think about ourselves. Removing the constricting chains that hold you back can be liberating and encouraging. So why wait?

Your investment: special student price of 20 euro (incl. VAT) per consultation of 60 minutes. The intake is free of charge.

Due to the regulations regarding Covid-19, all coaching is offered online, through Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Please feel free to contact me by app, phone or mail to make an appointment for an intake.

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